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Re: Import messages from Icedove to Thunderbird

On 06/06/18 06:09, Markos wrote:
And no option to select the file that contains the contact list

Just copy abook.mab from the old to the new. But see below because you might prefer to copy your old ~/.icedove directory and automigrate.

Export/Import is great for archival or migrating between different email clients, but I found copying raw data files to be the most convenient when going between Thunderbird instances. However, automigration is likely what you want.

The official way of migrating is to copy your *entire* ~/.icedove directory to your new computer.

tar zcf icedove.tar.gz .icedove
# copy icedove.tar.gz to new computer
tar zxf icedove.tar.gz

Since the Icedove->Thunderbird unrebranding, the first time Thunderbird starts with no ~/.thunderbird (if you already have a new one you can remove or rename it to, for example, .thunderbird.disabled), it will automatically migrate *everything* into a new ~/.thunderbird directory. All your account settings and plugins should just work. You should then be able to remove your copied ~/.icedove directory and any renamed empty (e.g.) ~/.thunderbird.disabled. There might be another copied temporary icedove directory because Thunderbird will try hard to not harm your data.

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