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The Internet locks up Buster

This is a follow-up to a question I posted here on 27 May for which I
got no response. In it, I complained that my "new" laptop running
Buster completely freezes when browsing certain Javascript-heavy
websites (like Google Docs, Facebook and YouTube) on Firefox 52.

Since that e-mail, I installed Chromium 62 thinking that the problem
was with Firefox. I'm getting the same lockups, too. So it seems
logical that the problem is deeper down the software stack.

Certain activity will trigger the freeze almost immediately. It can
start as soon as I attempt to load a page, like linotype.com, or after
a few minutes on Facebook or Google Docs.

During the freeze, hard drive activity goes through the roof. Yes, my
hard drive is fine and works normally when doing anything else. I also
don't get these lockups when browsing in Windows.

What should I do to get to the root of this problem and fix it?

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