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Re: Import messages from Icedove to Thunderbird

On 06/06/18 06:09, Markos wrote:
I've just installed Debian 9 (stretch) and I'm trying to import folder with messages from Icedove 38.5.0 at my old PC (running debian 8) to my new PC with Thunderbird 52.8.0.

If your messages are in "Mail/Local Folders", you should be able to copy all the folders you want from your profile on your old computer to your profile on your new computer and everything should just work. You should also copy all the .msf (index) and .sbd (subfolders) files and folders.

Each Thunderbird "folder" is an mbox-format file with a .msf index file, and subfolders are stored in a .sbd directory. Index files can be regenerated if damaged but it is easiest to just copy them (and this will preserve your replied/forwarded flags).

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