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Re: USB "null modem" cables and related Linux driver questions

> The one choice you have is that one of both sides takes a step
> back and plays "gadget" (the jargon term, somewhat unfortunate
> as search engine fodder). There seems to be something out there
> for that, e.g. [2].

The gadget API is the programming API offered by the kernel for the OTG
ports: no OTG => no gadget!

> The other choice seems to be USB On The Go (aka "OTG") [3].
> You seem to need a special cable for that.

More importantly, the USB ports which support OTG are driven by
different hardware.

> There seem to be Linux drivers to let the USB "stack" play along
> with OTG [4], but I have no experience whatsoever with this

Right, you need both your hardware's USB port to support OTG and you
need your kernel to have a driver that supports this hardware.
AFAIK the driver is usually available.


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