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Re: USB "null modem" cables and related Linux driver questions

>> In some cases one of the two computers's USB port is an "OTG" port,
>> meaning that it can act either as "master" or not, in which case you can
>> just use a regular USB cable (and usually you then configure the OTG
>> side to pretend it's a network card, so it ends up looking to the
>> software like you've connected the two machines via an ethernet cable.
>> That's what I use between my BananaPi "router" and my office desktop).
> I saw it and it meets most (all?) my requirements except my reading
> suggested:
>   1. obsolete
>   2. available only for Windows/Mac
>   3. no way to determine if any of machines were equipped

Not obsolete at all.
Availability has nothing to do with the OS (I never use either of macOS
or Windows).

But yes, OTG rare (read: non-existing) on laptops/desktops.
They're very common on "embedded systems" which are expected to be
(occasionally) plugged into a computer.  E.g. many phones's USB port
is OTG.

>> If none of that are options, you can resort to using an "ethernet
>> dongle" on both sides and an ethernet cable between the two.
> That's a 1 versus 3 items required per connection.

I just gave you alternatives.  You'll let you decide what's better for
your planned use cases.


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