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Re: Upgrade from Jessie to Stretch: Bluetooth mouse is not working.

On Thu, 31 May 2018 11:04:10 -0500
"Martin McCormick" <martin.m@suddenlink.net> wrote:
> 	You might search web archives and internet discussion
> groups to see if there is a replacement driver for the mouse
> which is a real shame since it used to work but that particular
> module doesn't work which is valuable information but not, of
> course, what you wanted to know.

Any hints where to start and what to look for?

I bought this mouse because it was really silent and cheap (APOINT M302) and it was working with Debian Jessie.


Officially Linux support was not mentioned, so it might be difficult to find a drivers for it.
I wonder what was changed between Debian releases  that this mouse is no longer working correctly? For me looks like a regression which should be fixed. Should I reported this as a bug? If "yes" then which module/driver should I specify as a victim?

> 	Can you get any other bluetooth device to pair and
> actually work with the dongle such as a headset or keyboard?

Yes, I was able to successfully connect some remote controller/gamepad which also has mouse option:


Maybe I should also try with another BT mouse to see if it has the same issue or not.
> 	There are a lot of moving parts here such as the usb
> driver for the dongle and then there is the communication between
> the bluetooth device and the dongle.
> 	dmesg and syslog are very good tools in cases like this
> but the messages you will read aren't always the answers to the
> question of why this or that is happening.  They certainly do
> help you ask new questions and sometimes rule out rabbit holes
> you don't need to waste your time going down which is a blessing
> as the world of making the technology work for you is a regular
> warren of rabbit holes and anything that narrows down the
> solution is a force multiplier.
> 	One guess is that the driver for the bluetooth dongle is
> causing the grief because it sees events that it doesn't
> understand from the mouse.  It should understand every mouse move
> and button press so they can be passed on to the appropriate
> function calls related to mouse activity. The OS has mouse
> function calls and the driver translates mouse movement data in
> to steps that are either along the X or Y axese.  It doesn't have
> to do anything but feed those steps to the OS by making the
> appropriate function calls for movement and clicks.  It
> apparently can't do that so you need a different driver.
> 	It might also be that another bluetooth mouse speaks a
> different language and the driver understands it and works
> properly so I hope this gives you more food for thought.
> 	I don't really know anything specific to your problem so
> I am speaking in generalities as I have seen a number of usb
> devices such as a usb apple modem that shows activity in syslog
> when you plug it in to a usb port but due to a lack of a driver,
> it does absolutely nothing under Linux but get slightly warm to
> the touch.  Plug it in to a Mac and you're in to the dialup
> business.
> Martin McCormick

Thanks for elaborate explanation.

Kind regards,

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