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Re: Upgrade from Jessie to Stretch: Bluetooth mouse is not working.

On Thu, 31 May 2018 12:10:13 +0200
deloptes <deloptes@gmail.com> wrote:

> You see all works fine until systemd gets in the game.
> As I refused to use systemd I can't help much, but this needs to be
> investigated

Was Jessie already using systemd by default? If "yes" then maybe this is not the source of the problem as the mouse was working correctly on Jessie? 

I connected another BT controller (chinese MOCUTE BT controller, which can be used as keypad or mouse) and it was working correctly. 

> Here you see sender=:1.0 -> destination=(null destination)
> signal time=1527752498.410215 sender=:1.0 -> destination=(null destination)
> serial=4147 path=/org/freedesktop/systemd1;
> interface=org.freedesktop.systemd1.Manager; member=UnitRemoved
> Can you try booting without systemd ? You need sysvinit and add
> init=/lib/sysvinit/init to your kernal command line.
> When system is up check 
> ps -A | head -3
>   PID TTY          TIME CMD
>     1 ?        00:00:33 init
>     2 ?        00:00:01 kthreadd

OK, I booted as you suggested, but the mouse problem remains. Any other suggestions?


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