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Re: Upgrade from Jessie to Stretch: Bluetooth mouse is not working.

Piotr Martyniuk wrote:

> I am using USB dongle for blue-tooth connections. I can pair the mouse and
> connect to it. However moving a mouse and/or clicking has no effect
> (cursor stays where it was, clicks are not recognized).

No make model for mouse or BT device in your PC.
I don't know if bluetooth in jessie was bluez4 or bluez5. It could be that
you are missing privileges. It all goes via dbus now.


dbus-monitor --system

and switch mouse on/off to reconnect. Tell us what you see. If mouse is
correctly discovered and selected by BT you have to look at higher level -
the X system.
First check if you have events captured by X perhaps with


IMO it is somewhere inbetween those two actors.


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