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Re: Very light "private" cloud

Michelle Konzack wrote:

> OK, I can code it my self, but currently I have ABSOLUTELY NOT TIME,
> because I have to care about a new Organic Farm where I am co-owner
> and only person working there curently. The house is only half ready
> without roof, which I get in August and currently I drive with a 1,8t
> Bobcat over the farm making 100s of meters trenches for waterpipes
> and cables.  Hell, Estonia is the land of limestone and rocks!
> Digging deeper then 30cm is a kick in the ass!
> Thanks in advance and nice day
> (we have since 3 weeks between 24°C and 30°C and no rain in sight)

How this does contribute to the original question. If everybody starts
writing here his/her daily business or life stories, it will finish the

please, for the future. BTW good luck with your undertaking - and make one
thing after the other. I guess the cloud solution will not change in the
next couple of months, so it can wait.


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