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Re: "pre-treating" documents from certain remote URLs before a web browser renders them

On Tue, 15 May 2018, davidson wrote:

I have a problem: The more frequently I browse a web site, the more I
notice all the things I hate about its web pages.

And I seem to have a partial solution to this problem: I can make XSLT
stylesheets[1] that will transform a web page A, as received from a
remote site, into a XHTML document B that better suits my purposes.[2]
I find it entertaining to make these, so I would like to figure out
how to incorporate them into a solution to the problem above.

But at the moment I do not know a good solution to the rest of the
problem, namely how to incorporate the application of stylesheets (and
preliminary preprocessing) into the web browsing activity.


I would appreciate any suggestions, experiences (bad or good) along
these lines, etc.

I would like to thank everybody who took some time to reply with
suggestions and experience. So, thanks!

I will experiment with privoxy first, but I've taken note of the clues
and hints about alternatives too.

Grateful for the help.

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