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Re: running arecord via ssh

On 17 May 2018 at 03:10, Pierre Frenkiel <pierre.frenkiel@gmail.com> wrote:
> hi,
> I try to record some old vinyls with arecord, the output being
> sent to my desktop via a radio transmitter/receiver couple.
> On the desktop xterm window, its works perfectly, but if I run arecord via
> a ssh connection:
> 1/ from an other computer:
>       ssh mydesktop arecord_command
> 2/ in a ssh xterm window:
>       ssh mydesktop
>       arecord_command
> I get an empty file
> Is really arecord incompatible with ssh?

It might be related to this:

But no-one can know, because you wrote "arecord_command"
instead of showing what you are actually doing.

"I'm running a command that fails, but I'm not going to
tell you what it is." .... is not the best way to generate
helpful replies.

Details matter. Do not ever deliberately omit details.
unless you *know* they are not relevant.

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