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Re: UEFI/"BIOS" booting, was Re: USB Install Fails, Complains about CD-ROM

> Yes, documentation of firmware is almost unknown in my experience
> (since probably 30 years ago). That's why I took the least invasive

It's documented to the extent that it says "implements UEFI" and that
UEFI is documented.

>> Same here (basically for the same reason: the behavior of the firmware
>> and OS when faced with a disk that has both a GPT and an MBR partitions
>> is largely unspecified and will vary depending on your system).
> Eh? I've yet to see a GPT disk that didn't have a protective MBR.

Exactly: what happens when a GPT disk has a real MBR (rather than a
protective MBR) is "you're on your own".

>> It's easy to reconcile: he doesn't say your setup is impossible or can't
>> work, he just recommends not to do that because you may encounter
>> unexpected difficulties.  E.g. in theory an upgrade to your firmware or
>> to one of your OSes could break it, tho in practice you're probably OK
>> at least until you move that setup to another machine with
>> a different firmware.
> Not sure what you mean here. It's a laptop: nowt's going nowhere.

Take the disk out, put it in another machine (laptop or desktop, it
doesn't matter).


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