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Re: USB Install Fails, Complains about CD-ROM

Le 11/05/2018 à 20:33, Kent West a écrit :

I learned that EFI boot drives need to have a GPT partition table. On a

This is not correct. The UEFI specification supports boot from a drive with an MSDOS partition table. Otherwise why would there be an "EFI system partition" type identifier (0xef) for MSDOS partition tables ? The Debian installer hybrid image has an MSDOS partition table. (It also has Apple and GPT partition tables, but they are bogus)

lark, I ran "gparted --list", and discovered that the flash drive had a
"mac" partition table.


It is part of the image.

Okay. So I ran gparted, selected the drive, and created a new "GPT"
partition table, then repeated all my former steps, and bang! Success!

Copying the image again overwrote the GPT partition table and anything else you may have written to the stick. So it does not explain the success. You may have done something wrong the first time.

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