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Re: USB Install Fails, Complains about CD-ROM


i wrote:
> >   [    6.997775] usb 1-2: New USB device found, idVendor=abcd, idProduct=1234
> > They are missing in the good log. Other kernel version ?

> The good and bad logs are both
> for the same kernel--they're different attempts to boot the same ISO
> using the same USB stick.

Er. Suddenly i can see the "abcd" "1234" message in the good log too.
Sorry for the confusion.

Just to make it clear:
Was this kernel loaded from the very same USB stick which it then cannot
inquire properly and in some cases cannot read from ?

> This prompted me to go back to try to reproduce the CD-ROM thing. And
> yes, I can reproduce a failure that sounds like the one that was
> originally reported.
>                         [!!] Detect and mount CD-ROM
>   No common CD-ROM drive was detected.

This does not match the complaint in the web to which Kent pointed us
as example.
The one by your machine is quite clear. The storage device with the
ISO filesystem cannot be found by the kernel.

In Kent's case it seems rather that some particular file cannot be
read from the already found storage device.

> This may be related to device initialization by the BIOS. 

If the kernel was loaded by the bootloader from that USB stick, then
the subsequent failures in the kernel run could be caused by some bad
state of the USB stick when the bootloader starts the kernel.

If booting was done via EFI (and not Legacy BIOS mode) then we could
ask at grub-devel@gnu.org, whether the problem is known in any way.
(With BIOS mode we'd need to go to quite dead syslinux@zytor.com )

How does the stick behave if you plug it into a running GNU/Linux system ?
Any problem messages in the log ? Is it usable as storage device ?

Have a nice day :)


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