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Re: USB Install Fails, Complains about CD-ROM

Thomas Schmitt wrote:

> Hi,
> Just to make it clear:
> Was this kernel loaded from the very same USB stick which it then cannot
> inquire properly and in some cases cannot read from ?


Oh, and I tried it again this morning, after the laptop had been off all
night, and this time it worked (live image boot).  I then tried
rebooting and running the installer, and it failed in the usual place.

> >                         [!!] Detect and mount CD-ROM
> >   No common CD-ROM drive was detected.
> This does not match the complaint in the web to which Kent pointed us
> as example.

Ah.  Right.  

> > This may be related to device initialization by the BIOS. 
> If the kernel was loaded by the bootloader from that USB stick, then
> the subsequent failures in the kernel run could be caused by some bad
> state of the USB stick when the bootloader starts the kernel.
> If booting was done via EFI (and not Legacy BIOS mode) then we could
> ask at grub-devel@gnu.org, whether the problem is known in any way.
> (With BIOS mode we'd need to go to quite dead syslinux@zytor.com )

I'm booting using EFI.

> How does the stick behave if you plug it into a running GNU/Linux system ?
> Any problem messages in the log ? Is it usable as storage device ?

If I plug the stick into the laptop when it's running, the stick is
mounted okay.  I ran sum(1) on all the files, using "find ... -type f".
I didn't see any problems in kern.log.  I poked around with cd and ls a
bit and didn't notice anything odd, but then I'm not familiar with the
contents of a hybrid image ISO.

Thanks for all your help on this.


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