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Re: LVM setup with snapshots

On 11-05-2018 21:46, Forest Dean Feighner wrote:
> I really didn't prepare for lvm. I never used lvm before this so had
> no idea of lvm before.
> Snapshots sound like an awesome idea.
> I would like to do a configured base install, create a snapshot, and
> modify (fork), the base for different things.
> With 20/20 hindsight. The default doesn't seem to have room. What are
> different solutions other debian/lvm users have used?

You can shrink most kinds of partitions (including ext4), and then
shrink the logical volumes (in this order). It's not as convenient as
growing the LVs since the partitions must not be mounted and shrinking
can be somewhat slow if data needs to be shuffled around, but it's possible.

As always, there's a small risk of data loss, so better have a backup of
important data.


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