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Re: System freeze using web browsers

On 05/09/2018 05:17 PM, Alexander Beerhoff wrote:
Dear Debian Team,
I’ve found increasing heavier problems using web browser. In earlier stage the “system” freeze (no ctrl-alt-function-key response) when watching long video online (say at least 30 min, say on you tube.com), now (as consequence of system update??) cannot use any browser: tried chromium firefox(esr,stable,nightly) epiphany-browser qutebrowser and the result are system freeze or shutdown (watching video).
I’ve described the problem in very generic terms, I’ve filled ticket on mozilla for earlier problem but cannot profile browser since gui is very unresponsive when not freezed. Can you help? Waiting for your welcome advices.

Minor point: there is no "Debian Team" per se. This list is not mostly
read by developers, just fellow users.

Have you checked the logs (in /var/log), such as syslog? It's possible
the cause of the freeze would be recorded there.

Can you telnet/ssh into the frozen box from outside? That would imply
that it is X that froze, and the underlying system still operates.

Can you ping the frozen box? (For the above idea, and for this one,
get and write down the IP address before trying a web browser.)
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