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Re: (solved) Re: Chinese file name problem in xterm

surprising ending

i decide to use old font with problem
the new font a user suggests can display Chinese correctly
but it display English ugly, and most of time i use English

i'm not seeking help to display English beautifully
i don't want to make effort on such trivial problem
my energy is limited

many users here are kind and eager to help, Thanks!
but few use Chinese i bet and aren't expert on problem i raise IMHO
most solutions/suggestions they offer are workaround

is that a bug? it still puzzle me
Chinese characters that aren't correctly displayed are common ones
so common that if any program can display Chinese it should be able to display them
why it can display some while it fail to display other?

i want to be perfect, but i'm in poor health, can't bother such small thing
maybe next debian distro will not have such problem

On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 3:54:32 AM GMT+8, Long Wind <longwind2@yahoo.com> wrote:

Thank Siard !
i install the font and create .Xdefaults
now xterm can display Chinese correctly

Thank Curt, i visit url you offer, it doesn't solve, Thanks anyway!

Thank Eduardo M KALINOWSKI
in my 2nd mail in this thread, i attach a file and describe it

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