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Re: A long rant on Debian 9

On 2018-05-07, Dan Norton <dnorton@mindspring.com> wrote:
> Unfortunately, that does not work. The Boot Screen does not look like
> "Figure 4.1. Boot screen" and more to the point, tab has no effect. One
> can move selection up or down, enter to select, E to edit, or C for
> a GRUB command line. Boot a Debian 9.4 netinst iso and you'll see
> what I mean. 

All right.

I downloaded 'debian-9.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso' and booted it in kvm and
*it does work* as advertised here, so I don't know what accounts for
your difficulty, Dan.

I see, once the installer boots, the following:

 Debian GNU/linux installer boot menu

 Graphical install
 Advanced options
 Install with speech synthesis

When I tab on either "Graphical install" or "Install", I get an editable
kernel command line. If I hit "escape" I get the boot prompt:



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