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Re: minimal installation (was: A long rant on Debian 9)

jpff composed on 2018-05-07 12:34 (UTC+0100):

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> My Debian installations are all net installs that include

>> 	tasks=standard base-installer/install-recommends=false

>> on the kernel cmdline. I get nothing I don't need installed that way. Xorg and
>> whatever else I need I get with apt* once booted normally.

> That looks interesting; it attemts to answer my deep problem about no X, 
> xdm, xterm etc.

> My problem nowis I do not know where/how to apply this.  I have not seen 
> any mention of a kernel command line in the net install.  More please!

I'm not up to speed on the conventional HOWTO for answering this. I rarely use
conventional installation boot media. Virtually all my installs are in multiboot
environments. This enables installation booting by using a bootloader already
present on the system, by loading an installation kernel and initrd, complete
with the parameters mentioned, plus several others, such as network
configuration, and leaving off quiet and splash=silent.

IME, virtually any distro's installation media when its presence first appears
on screen allows for some method of appending parameters to the kernel cmdline.
It may be an "e" key, or an ESC key, or an up or down arrow key, or a function
key, and likely will suggest how when its screen first paints.
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