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Re: messed up release in apt

On 2018-05-01, Anil Duggirala <anilduggirala@fastmail.fm> wrote:
>> If it were my machine (so that if I sank it I would be the only one
>> to
>> go down with the ship), I might run:
>>  'apt-key update'
> When running that command I am getting :
> Warning: 'apt-key update' is deprecated and should not be used anymore!
> Note: In your distribution this command is a no-op and can therefore be
> removed safely.

I guess I gave you some (obsolete) bad advice.

I don't know what the solution to your problem is because I don't know
what is provoking it.  

My idea was to regenerate the '/etc/apt/trusted.gpg' file; it appears
'apt-key update' is not (no longer?) a secure way of doing so, thus the

>> after removing 
>>  '/etc/apt/trusted.gpg' 
> When you say removing you mean :
> rm /etc/apt/trusted.gpg ?

I should have told you to back it up first.

> I appreciate any other alternative procedure to correct this,
> thanks,

I can only think of reinstalling the 'debian-archive-keyring'. Of course
if apt is inoperable you'll have to download the Stretch package and
'dpkg -i'... 

But as I've already put my foot in my mouth...


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