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Re: mkisofs (was: Installer image for installation via ssh)

On 4/19/18, Leandro Noferini <lnoferin@cybervalley.org> wrote:
> Curt <curty@free.fr> writes:
> [...]
>> If not, this is the closest to "pre-cooked" I've found:
>> http://www.sgvulcan.com/2010/01/06/installing-debian-using-only-ssh/
>> In the comment area Wojciech Gomoła opines it "works pretty good
>> with Debian 9.1.0."
>> The solution does require the headless machine to be capable of booting
>> from
>> cd.
> [...]
> I tried this solution but I had to stop at last passage, when we need to
> recreate the new image. In the article there is this command
> mkisofs -o ../custom_install.iso -r -J -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4
> -boot-info-table -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/boot.cat ../isonew
> But mkisofs does not exist in debian anymore. In its place (?) we have
> genisoimage but I cannot find the right options to have the same result.
> What do I need to give as options?

I've had some mostly bad luck in this topic (relative to messing
around with virtual machines), BUT... I did learn that you can do
something like:

xorriso -as mkisofs

Try researching that and see if you can find something that does what
you're trying to do. You might need to drop the hyphen (-) in searches
because that sometimes tells search engines you do NOT want that word
when you DO want it included in this particular search. :)

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs with duct tape *

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