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Re: transfer disk

On 2018-04-10 04:48, Ben Caradoc-Davies wrote:
On 10/04/18 14:01, mick crane wrote:
Can you pop a hard disk that boots with a Debian installation on it into another entirely different PC and will the kernel try to make sense of its new hardware ?

Mostly. I once had a disk that often moved between a desktop and
laptop. If the architecture is compatible (e.g. not amd64 <-> arm64)
then most likely it can be made to work. Common things that require

- Disk uses Legacy (BIOS) boot and partitioning but support is not
enabled on the motherboard. Fix: turn on your motherboard
Compatibility Support Module or similar.

- Disk uses UEFI but ancient motherboard does not support it. Unfixable.

- Disk uses UEFI. Motherboard supports UEFI but has no boot entry and
disk may need to be manually selected. Running update-grub should fix.

- Motherboard has secure boot enabled and is password locked. Fixable
if you can unlock it.

- Failed boot because the kernel or graphics drivers do not like your
new hardware. Supply fallback options at the command line, like noapic

- Anyone using ancient kernels with Skylake or later is going to have
a bad time. A recent kernel should improve compatibility.

- Hardcoded device paths in /etc/fstab might need to be changed. Most
installers use UUIDs for portability.

- You might find yourself with no network, especially no wifi. If your
new hardware is supported (e.g. by non-free), get the .debs you need
on a thumb drive and install them.

It is usually safe to have unused drivers so feel free to plan ahead
and install all drivers you need before you migrate.

Kind regards,

thanks guys for scenarios, looks hopeful.


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