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Re: SSD's and many edits of a single file

>> So the actual disk isn't to blame (cat'ing a file that was just saved
>> won't look at the disk anyway).
> Whats it look at 5+ minutes later?

Same difference: if `cat` can't see it, then the change hasn't been
received by the OS at all (even less so by the underlying disk).

> The file had not been updated yet an hour later. Ext4's journal in my 
> understanding has a maximum of 5 minutes to sync?  Its now around 10 
> hours later and has not yet been updated with the last two lines I'd 
> added.

The changes you see in `cat`s output will be transferred to disk
eventually, yes.  But those that aren't visible to `cat` just don't
exist, as far as the OS is concerned.

> What else is a good editor?

Is that a trick question?


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