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Re: Installing Debian 9

On Fri, 30 Mar 2018 14:30:24 -0700 Rick Thomas said:

> It works as long as you can get a basic > install to complete without
> use of the non-free hardware.  For example: If (as is often the case)
> the non-free hardware is a wi-fi card, you will have to connect to
> the network with a wired link (i.e. Ethernet) during the installation
> and subsequent update to bring in the non-free driver.

Or you can download firmware-misc-nonfree[1] along with installation
image and install it offline via dpkg.

[1] Its version and actual pool location can be obtained from
"apt-cache show firmware-misc-nonfree". In my case it is:


Abdullah Ramazanoglu

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