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Re: Debian 9 rocks, really

On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 10:06:17AM +0200, Mart van de Wege wrote:
> Andre Rodier <andre@rodier.me> writes:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I have been using Linux since more than 20 years, and Debian Linux
> > since Potato.
> Same here. I started out on Red Hat 6.2, and discovered Debian when it
> was on potato. I've been using some flavour of Debian personally since,
> and some flavour of it or RH professionally.
> I love it. It's been great consistently, and 9 really shines. I even
> like systemd although I have some reservations about its design (I think
> it's a bit over-engineered).
> Debian 9 give me dev tools, and tools to manage service resources better
> than ever. It's a lovely base system.

#metoo , in a good way!

I started with Debian in 1996 -- the lovely Stephen Early, whom I 
occasionally see on this list, may have "fond" memories of porting the 
source code for the 1.3 development kernel onto my machine on floppy 
disks so he could help me get my brand spanking new ethernet card 
working! Yeah, probably not that fond memories...

In those days I dual-booted Windows and Debian. I was away for a few 
years after uni and then had a brief affair with SuSE but we don't 
talk about that in polite company. Came back to Debian when Woody was 
stable and been running Debian as the only OS on the box ever since. (I 
still run Windows but only in VMs, very much a minority use case for me 

Over the years I have oscillated between the stable distribution and 
whatever was testing at the time. Now I run both, stretch on machines 
that are doing important stuff and buster to see what is coming.

As others have said, the combination of the philosophy, the dedication 
of the team, and the community make this a great way to spend one's 
computer's time. I love it.


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