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Re: domain names, was: hostname

On Friday, March 23, 2018 03:13:54 PM Brian wrote:
> On Fri 23 Mar 2018 at 12:01:42 -0500, David Wright wrote:
> > I venture to suggest that many (most?) .home users will be using their
> > ISP's smarthost, which would mean that the ISP (a) usually insist on
> > authentication and (b) and likely to have issued the network name
> > (like ip70-179-161-106.fv.ks.cox.net) themselves.
> "most" is a very reasonable estimate. "insist" is less reasonable
> because the user will already have had to be authenticated to be on
> the network. There would be little point in cox.net asking for more
> credentials to send mail. Once you are on my network, mail is just
> a service offered to a user.

Just as a data point, the ISPs I have used over the years have all required 
that my email client (talking to their smarthost, if I understand the 
terminology being used here correctly) authenticate each time it connects to 
receive or send email.  (The credentials (typically a password) are stored in 
what I refer to as a "Windows style" email client (kmail is what I'm using 
now, getting mail via pop3 and sending via smtp).

The ISPs (that I can remember off the top of my head) have included Fastnet, 
RCN, and Earthlink.

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