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Re: How to mount or link as extention of fs?

On Sat, 17 Mar 2018 17:32:00 -0500 Dennis Wicks said:
> I have separated my /home file system from root so I can
> install new systems without clobbering it. To make it most
> useful is there any way I can mount, link, whatever, it so
> that it appears to be an extension of, or included in,
> /home? That is not just another mount on the root fs.

Hi Dennis,

I have a similar setup, with a 600 G mirrored (RAID-1) partition
holding all my goodies, and several other partitions for distros. Each
instance of them has their own /home directory as part of root
file system, but I don't put anything of value in those /home

My regular distro (Debian Buster) is in /dev/sda5 mounted as "/" and my
user home is "/home/aramazan/". My goodies (real home) directory is
in /dev/md1 (the raid-1 partition) mounted as "/ar".

In my home (/home/aramazan) directory;

~$ ln -s /ar .

This symlinks /ar partition as "/home/aramazan/ar" which I use as my
real home directory, so that I always access the same home, no matter
which partition I have booted up. That is;

/home/aramazan/ar -> /ar

My mail home is also residing in the common /ar partition (/ar/.Posta),
which is also symlinked from home, as in;

/home/aramazan/.Posta -> /ar/.Posta

P.S.: I have presented a simplified setup for the purposes of this
thread. Actually I have two separate "goodies" partition, both raid-1,
one of them is 600G (/ar) for general use, and the other is an
encrypted 40G partition for sensitive data (symlinked
under /home/aramazan the same way as /ar, only with a different name).
So I have two separate "homes" - a general home and a secure home. My
mail home is actually under the encrypted home.

Abdullah Ramazanoglu

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