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Re: How to mount or link as extention of fs?

On 03/17/2018 03:32 PM, Dennis Wicks wrote:
> Greetings!
> I have separated my /home file system from root so I can
> install new systems without clobbering it. To make it most
> useful is there any way I can mount, link, whatever, it so
> that it appears to be an extension of, or included in,
> /home? That is not just another mount on the root fs.
> TIA Dennis
Have you ever thought of doing an autofs mount on the /home directory?
That way you do not need to have it a separate partition. I just mount
the individual home directories to the /home mount point.

If you have an autofs setup, you could have the individual directories
on different machines and share the same directory. If you are clever
enough, you could even have multiple directories for the same user come
from different nfs servers, e.g. ~user/Picture can be in one location
and ~user/Documents from another location. But the user logging into the
machine would only see it as a single location without any links.

Joseph Loo

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