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Re: PAE or not PAE?

Le 12/03/2018 à 20:27, Hans a écrit :
Note that the non PAE kernel in older Debian versions up to Jessie
lacked multi-processor (including multi-core and hyper-threading) support.

Yes, I read this, too. The N280 is a single core, but mith hyperthreading, I
have two cores.

Is this still so, that the non-pae-kernel lacks still hyperthreading, or does
it do today, too?

"Today" does not tell much. It depends what Debian version you have.
Since Stretch, the non PAE kernel supports multiprocessing.

And second question: Is PAE preferred (with the look to speed) or better use

PAE does not make the kernel faster. On the contrary, as it adds an extra indirection when accessing memory.

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