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PAE or not PAE?

Hi folks,


as I have still trouble with restore after suspend-to-disk, I read, that this issue was gone with a kernel with non pae.


This brings the following question:


MUST I use (or is it RECOMMENDED?) a kernel with PAE in my system?


My system:


CPU N280 (with PAE usable)


32-Bit operating system (debian/testing)


Do I have any advantages or disadvantages by using a PAE-Kernel or NON-PAE-kernel? I will never be able to use more than 2 GB RAM, as this EEEPC got only one RAM slot (I never saw a single DDR2 4 GB RAM-module, just 2 GB).


Thanks for the hint.






P.S. For Gene Haskett: I tried a NON-PAE kernel on my EEEPC - did not boot (just an idea....)

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