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Re: Broken kernel?

On Monday 12 March 2018 06:26:09 Hans wrote:

> Hi Gene,
> got into the same problem a long time ago. In my case I got in trouble
> with one of the kernel modules, it was the graphics driver module.
Somebody's quoting is making it look as if I'm the OP. I am not, and my 
stuff is running just fine.

But unless I missed the memo, the OP still has a problem.

FWIW, the nvidia driver is a profane word in my machine control world. It 
doesn't like to share its toys, locking out the irq's for hundreds of 
milliseconds at a time, when the cpu is expected to check the machines 
status at millisecond intervals to see if its tripped a limit switch 

The nouveau driver doesn't do that. And its fast enough to draw a 
backplot of the machines motion in close to realtime.

The ATI drivers are better, but they also do the irq lockouts for too 
long, so the "better" is still relative, and still not good enough for 
good, 100% safe, machine control. ATM, my x86 boxes are all running the 
intel i915 drivers, which seem to be doing things well.

> This one got in trouble with the vesa driver (somehow), and so it
> hanged at boot with a black screen.
> The solution was at that time, to dienstall all the Nvidia packages,
> which of course let a new initram-file created, which of course got no
> nvidia kernel module installed.
> If there is in your case also a kernel module the problem, you might
> be able, to blacklist the problematic module. If you have access to
> the hardddrive with the kernel modules (i.e. by using a livefile dvd),
> you can either edit the blacklist-modules file, or , if this does not
> work, by removing the modules physically out of the way from the
> modules directory (sorry for my bad English).
> The others got right: amd64 means, that the kernel is running on Intel
> compatible 64-bit processors. And you are also right: There was a
> time, when there were also special 64-bit Intel-cpus in the repo (when
> I remember correchtly, these were aimed for Itanium cpu's).

Which somehow seem to have vanished from the used market.
> Another hint: If you are able, to start a debian live cd (the actual
> one), you can take a look, which kernel modules are loaded, and also,
> which graphical driver is loaded. However, I believe, you are quite
> happy, when you are able, to ge a shell! So just try a small live
> system.
> If the debian live system failes, you may try Knoppix (the version
> with the same kernel version) or maybe another Debian based livesystem
> (I have kali- linux or aptosid in my mind).
> Long words, little sense - I hope this helps a little bit.
> Good luck and all the best!
> Hans

Gonna need it Hans, I made the mistake of looking out the front door at 
my wheelchair ramp construction area this morning, finding 1/4" snow on 
all my nice new lumber. And I still have one, maybe two long days work 
demolishing the deck where the ramp will go. Taking screws out with a 
big prybar. It would be nice if they'd just unscrew, but they've been 
there 15+ years. Takeing 20 calendars off my pile of discards would help 
too as I'm not the man I once was, even once...  Sigh.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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