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Re: Broken kernel?

Hi Gene, 

got into the same problem a long time ago. In my case I got in trouble with 
one of the kernel modules, it was the graphics driver module.

This one got in trouble with the vesa driver (somehow), and so it hanged at 
boot with a black screen.

The solution was at that time, to dienstall all the Nvidia packages, which of 
course let a new initram-file created, which of course got no nvidia kernel 
module installed.

If there is in your case also a kernel module the problem, you might be able, 
to blacklist the problematic module. If you have access to the hardddrive with 
the kernel modules (i.e. by using a livefile dvd), you can either edit the 
blacklist-modules file, or , if this does not work, by removing the modules 
physically out of the way from the modules directory (sorry for my bad 

The others got right: amd64 means, that the kernel is running on Intel 
compatible 64-bit processors. And you are also right: There was a time, when 
there were also special 64-bit Intel-cpus in the repo (when I remember 
correchtly, these were aimed for Itanium cpu's).

Another hint: If you are able, to start a debian live cd (the actual one), you 
can take a look, which kernel modules are loaded, and also, which graphical 
driver is loaded. However, I believe, you are quite happy, when you are able, 
to ge a shell! So just try a small live system. 

If the debian live system failes, you may try Knoppix (the version with the 
same kernel version) or maybe another Debian based livesystem (I have kali-
linux or aptosid in my mind).

Long words, little sense - I hope this helps a little bit.

Good luck and all the best!



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