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Re: Deleted two partitions, system does not boot anymore

Am Sonntag, 11. März 2018, 15:38:37 CET schrieb Rainer Dorsch:
> Hi,
> I deleted two partitions (or better their content)
> dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdXn
> in order to set them up encrypted (see http://www.andreas-janssen.de/
> cryptodisk.html, sorry for the German)
> I commented both in /etc/fstab (after the first reboot failed).
> Both partitions did not contain any relevant data, I am not aware that they
> have been used in the system beyond the fstab.
> After rebooting the system decided not to boot anymore (hangs right at the
> beginning). The system comes up in the recovery mode and I can even login
> remotely using
> systemctl start network-manager
> systemctl. start ssh
> systemctl default
> >From what I can see in grub.cfg, the only difference for the recovery mode
> >is
> that the boot process stops in single user mode.
> Is there a good way to start unit by unit to get from single user mode to
> normal (multiuser?) mode and check which part is failing?
> Any input is welcome.

Solved: my rc.local script was the causing the issue.

Sorry for the noise.


Rainer Dorsch

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