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Deleted two partitions, system does not boot anymore


I deleted two partitions (or better their content)

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdXn

in order to set them up encrypted (see http://www.andreas-janssen.de/
cryptodisk.html, sorry for the German)

I commented both in /etc/fstab (after the first reboot failed).

Both partitions did not contain any relevant data, I am not aware that they 
have been used in the system beyond the fstab.

After rebooting the system decided not to boot anymore (hangs right at the 
beginning). The system comes up in the recovery mode and I can even login 
remotely using 

systemctl start network-manager
systemctl. start ssh
systemctl default

>From what I can see in grub.cfg, the only difference for the recovery mode is 
that the boot process stops in single user mode.

Is there a good way to start unit by unit to get from single user mode to 
normal (multiuser?) mode and check which part is failing?

Any input is welcome.


Rainer Dorsch

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