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Re: Multichannel audio listening

rhkramer@gmail.com writes:

> On Monday, March 05, 2018 05:49:45 AM Jeremy Nicoll wrote:
>> On Mon, 5 Mar 2018, at 09:39, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
>> Does your computer, or attached soundcard(s) have capacity to
>> drive three outputs at once?
>> If it does I think you'll need to tell whatever software controls that
>> hardware where to take audio-data from.
>> Maybe 'sox' can direct audio to multiple channels, but I think you
>> will need to tell sox which hardware devices to use.  The section
>> of the sox manual, page 3, "Playing & Recording Audio" might help.
> Without having ever (intentionally) used jack (JACK (Jack Audio Connection 
> Kit)), I would guess that it might be useful.
> (Like Jeremy says, you will need 3 output devices.)  Somewhere along the line
> I bought some audio devices (my choice of words) that are, afaik, like a
> sound card built into a very small (USB) plug like device.  I can plug it
> into a USB and then plug stereo headphones into it--the device functions like
> a sound card, self powered from the USB port.
> I bought those, as I often do such things, off ebay from the far East.
> I suppose you might do a hinky workaround to get two output devices from one 
> (stereo) sound card by (possibly after merging stereo signals into a mono 
> signal) sending a different (mono) signal to each channel (i.e., left and 
> right) of a stereo sound card, at least for a sort of feasibility test.
> Do they make 5.2 or 7.2 sound cards for computers--if so, you could consider
> a similar approach using those 5 (or 7) channels.

Let's then have a two-channels audio file, let's call it input.wav.  Sox should
be told to send channel 1 of input.wav to soundcard 1 and channel 2 of
input.wav to soundcard 2.  Having a look at sox manual, I didn't find anything


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