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Re: (solved) Re: wireless fail after stretch installation

On Sun 04 Mar 2018 at 22:34:28 +0100, Philip Hands wrote:

> Jude DaShiell <jdashiel@panix.com> writes:
> ...
> > Many ways exist to solve this problem and it took a while to find out
> > what to do and how because there's more and better support from
> > debian-users than is in debian wiki
> If you can see a way to improve the information on the wiki, please go
> ahead and do so -- that's what wikis are for, after all.

Indeed they are. It's a pity the people who incorporated
55netcfg-copy-config into netcfg didn't avail themselves of it.

> > or debian documentation.
> We also have a bug tracker, and patches are generally welcome.

At least four bugs on this issue against netcfg; senior developers
declare themselves mystified as to the cause. Patches (suggestions
for workarounds have been posted to -boot) to 55netcfg-copy-config
might not be too hard. Patches for the reasoning behind its present
contents might be harder.

> > I had learned how to do this earlier but apparently an individual
> > known as longwind from China ran into this problem after I had learned
> > to solve it on this end and the original message I read from Brian had
> > a solution I hadn't read earlier and hadn't tried yet which involved
> > far fewer steps.  Fortunately I have a hard drive available so I will
> > try Brian's solution out on this end and see how it works.
> Contributions can take a while to get incorporated, but if you come up
> with an improvement for the documentation and/or the code (assuming that
> it doesn't break things elsewhere) it will generally get used.

If one had some existing documentation it could be improved. Writing
it from scratch would mean knowing the reasons that brought about the
change in Debian 7.0.0 and why no connectivity is seen as better than
some connectivity.


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