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An answer - was [Re: Does bash have a tool ?]

On 03/04/2018 09:26 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
My eventual goal is to create a personalized FAQ.
To that end I've collected all my outgoing mail which DOES NOT have "Re:" in the Subject into a single file {used standard SeaMonkey tools}.

Using a text editor's search&replace function I've placed "KEY1" at the beginning of the body of each message. Similarly, I've placed "KEY2" at the end of each body.

Searches led to <http://www.dsl.org/cookbook/cookbook_16.html> which describes tools to do word frequency tasks, primarily with bash builtins.

First I need to eliminate the irrelevant text between "KEY2" of the previous message and "KEY1" of the message of interest. It should be straight forard to do in BASIC.

But is there an already tested function for that?

I've received several suggestions.
It appears that "vim" is closest to my "mind set".
I went to the homepage and found ~half-dozen links.
I found >dozen links to problems I hadn't mentioned.

Although EVERYTHING could solve stated problem, the vim homepage suggested solutions to problems I had not specified.
I don't know ho they would take it, BUT the think like me.

I've got up to a week's homework ...


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