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Re: Some tasks very slow after upgrade from Jessie to Stretch

On 02/28/18 10:11, Schrey wrote:
Recently I cloned & upgraded a (virtual) build system, from Jessie to Stretch,
and some tasks have become so slow that it hurts.

I am a Debian user, not a Debian tester or a Debian developer.

I prefer Debian Stable because I want my computers to work reliably. I typically delay major version upgrades for 6+ months, to allow Stable to stabilize. I skipped Jesse entirely, and only recently upgraded to Stretch.

There are two schools of thought for Debian major version upgrades:

1.  Do an in-place upgrade.

2.  Do a fresh install and migrate.

Years ago, I tried the former. Invariably, I ran into problems I could not trouble-shoot and ended up with systems that I had no confidence in. Yours is just another in an unending stream of posts demonstrating that my experience was not unique, and still persists. I can only conclude that an in-place upgrade of something as complex as a real, working, and productive Debian system is an exercise in futility.

So, now I do the latter. This is facilitated by, and integrated into, my backup/ restore, archive, and imaging processes. I have confidence in the results.


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