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Re: Debian 9 Image Magick/display xwd(1) format

On Wed 28 Feb 2018 at 19:19:09 (-0800), John Conover wrote:
> With all the mystery issues concerning xwd(1), there is a workable
> alternative:
>     import jpg:- | display
> verified to work on xfce(1), fvwm(1), on Debian 7, 8, 9, i386, amd64.
> The argument "jpg:" can be any ImageMagick recognized file, (i.e.,
> gif:, png:, etc.)

An alternative I prefer is scrot. I've used it with TIFF and JPEG,
but generally prefer PNG.
The killer feature that I haven't found in other methods is the delay.
This makes it simple to capture a window while you're in the process
of, say, opening a menu. A tiny example attached.
I drive it with fvwm's buttons, with commands like
*MyButtons: (2x1+2+1, Title 'Delay 10', Icon xterm.xpm, Action 'Exec exec myfvwm-scrot-png-delayed.sh &')


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