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Re: debian CDs DVDs


arne wrote:
> The jigdo files do not work nowadays too.

I believe to know what you mean.
If you enter the .jigdo file URL like
then it says immediately

  File `https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/jigdo-bd/debian-9.3.0-am d64-BD-1.jigdo' does not exist!

This is bug 865864, which is fixed by a new jigdo-file package since about
a month: The download URLs have been changed to "https" but jigdo-lite did
not recognize this as valid URL prefix.
(I encountered it yesterday when testing Jigdo download by help of a running
 Debian LiveCD system and "apt-get install jigdo-file".)

A workaround is to use program wget to download .jigdo and .template file.
Then, while still being in the download directory, run jigdo-lite with
the URL of the .jigdo file. It will report that both files need not to be
downloaded and will go on with processing. (The mirror should have no "https"
either, i believe to remember ...)

Or, if you feel apt, consider to apply the changes from
to a local copy of the shell script /usr/bin/jigdo-lite and run that copy.

Have a nice day :)


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