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Re: Managing font size issues between apps


I'll look through the info in the links and continue the font fight.
I'm feeling like the only reason to post here is to complain, but after using Debian for over twenty years, meaning Linux in general and the endless configurability claims (yeah, I can get it to look just like windoze), I still can't resolve font size issues between panels within an application much less between two or more apps running at the same time. I think everyone knows the issue. It appears there's no real resolution or easy config in place. So not to take up any more bandwidth I'll consider this thread finished.

Thanks again,

On 01/08/2018 01:14 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
tony mollica composed on 2018-01-08 09:29 (UTC-0800):

I'd like to find out how users are managing the font size issues between
What prompts me to ask is applying system or application updates
sometimes changes the display of fonts, some larger, some smaller, both
between applications and also within the applications, Thunderbird being
one of the worst.

Am I missing some configuration utility or is this still a widespread

Focusing on TB, because it's a Mozilla.org application, yes, it is a common
problem. Factors affecting fonts include, but are not limited to:

1-which DE or WM you are using

2-which themes you have installed

3-source of the package that provided the application

4-physical display density

5-logical display density

6-toolkit used to build application

I don't use TB, but I do use other mozilla.org apps, some provided by the
distribution, some provided directly from mozilla.org.

Subject to correction by those using TB or otherwise having better knowledge:
1-TB 45 upstream was still using the mature GTK2 tookit, which had ample, mature
theme support. TB 52 upstream has been switched to GTK3, with more limited theme
2-Individual Linux distros still have the option with 52 to build using GTK2, as
do those self-compiling TB.

One method of managing fonts in TB is described here:

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