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Re: Managing font size issues between apps

tony mollica composed on 2018-01-08 09:29 (UTC-0800):

> I'd like to find out how users are managing the font size issues between 
> applications.
> What prompts me to ask is applying system or application updates 
> sometimes changes the display of fonts, some larger, some smaller, both 
> between applications and also within the applications, Thunderbird being 
> one of the worst.
> Am I missing some configuration utility or is this still a widespread 
> problem?                        

Focusing on TB, because it's a Mozilla.org application, yes, it is a common
problem. Factors affecting fonts include, but are not limited to:

1-which DE or WM you are using

2-which themes you have installed

3-source of the package that provided the application

4-physical display density

5-logical display density

6-toolkit used to build application

I don't use TB, but I do use other mozilla.org apps, some provided by the
distribution, some provided directly from mozilla.org.

Subject to correction by those using TB or otherwise having better knowledge:
1-TB 45 upstream was still using the mature GTK2 tookit, which had ample, mature
theme support. TB 52 upstream has been switched to GTK3, with more limited theme
2-Individual Linux distros still have the option with 52 to build using GTK2, as
do those self-compiling TB.

One method of managing fonts in TB is described here:
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