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Re: Faulty .iso? No public key...

Le 09/01/2018 à 07:33, Josh W. a écrit :
> I keep having the issue of no public key available and I don’t know what
> I should do…. Back up my computer and reinstall or is there a way to
> patch it up. I am attaching a file that shows what I am going through. I
> ran into all this this time will trying to install wine and adding to
> the sources.list file. I’ve had this problem with keys every since I
> downloaded the .iso for Debian Stretch… I am think that I might have
> gotten a faulty .iso file. Could some one point me in the direction of
> learning to check the checksum of a file or files. I would greatly
> appreciate it.
> Joshua <joshw8104@gmail.com <mailto:joshw8104@gmail.com>>

Maybe reconfiguring of reinstalling debian-archive-keyring package could
solve your problem?

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