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Re: Faulty .iso? No public key...

On 1/9/2018 7:33 AM, Josh W. wrote:
I keep having the issue of no public key available and I don’t know what I
should do…. Back up my computer and reinstall or is there a way to patch it
up. I am attaching a file that shows what I am going through. I ran into
all this this time will trying to install wine and adding to the
sources.list file. I’ve had this problem with keys every since I downloaded
the .iso for Debian Stretch… I am think that I might have gotten a faulty
.iso file. Could some one point me in the direction of learning to check
the checksum of a file or files. I would greatly appreciate it.

To checksum a file you will need to use the corresponding checksum utility:
md5sum for MD5SUMS
sha1sum for SHA1SUMS
sha256 for SHA256SUMS
sha512sum for SHA512SUMS

On the download page for the desired iso file you have also 'SHA512SUMS' and 'SHA512SUMS.sign'.
You download both files using for instance 'wget'.

The first step is to verify the signature in 'SHA512SUMS' using 'gpg --verify *.sign'. When you see 'good signature from ...', you have successfully verified the iso.

To checksum SHA512SUMS you would do:

$ sha512sum -c SHA512SUMS 2>&1 | grep -i ok

If you see something ending with ': ok', you have successfully checksummed the iso.

John Doe

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