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Re: Synaptic problem - physical access to CD drive related

On 01/05/2018 10:28 AM, bw wrote:

On Fri, 5 Jan 2018, Richard Owlett wrote:

Synaptic still returns

E: Type 'file:/home/richard/Desktop/testdvd' is not known on line 2 in source
list /etc/apt/sources.list

"Type" is probably referring to the deb or deb-src entry that is missing.

I've been staring at screen too long.
That at least allows Synaptic to start.

As CD's are not "signed" so to speak I still can't access it.
But I had a closely related problem in April 2014.
I have to reread that thread to become re-educated ;/

Have you already used the repository to update your sources? why do you
want to add the cd/dvd back?

Because I don't always have internet and there are physical/mechanical problems using the installed drive. The portable drive is convenient and sometimes required.

I have found that immediately after install, a commented line
in sources.list resembling:
#deb cdrom:[debian_installer_version_arch_24-date_etc] stretch main

and if I uncomment this line, and mount the install media at /media/cdrom
then apt is able to continue installing pkgs from it.

If that won;t work for you, try apt-cdrom

I'll check that out tomorrow.

good luck

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