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Re: Synaptic problem - physical access to CD drive related

On 01/05/2018 09:55 AM, Thomas Schmitt wrote:

Richard Owlett wrote:
root@stretch17oct2017:/home/richard# mount  /dev/sr1 /home/richard/Desktop/testcd
E: Type 'file:/home/richard/Desktop/testdvd' is not known on line 2 in

"testcd" is not the same as "testdvd".
(Copy+paste error or the cause of your problem ?)

Now findmnt returns
├─/media/richard/Debian 9.1.0 i386 1 /dev/sr1 iso9660 ro,nosuid,nodev,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1000, ├─/home/richard/Desktop/testcd /dev/sr1 iso9660 ro,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=utf └─/home/richard/Desktop/testdvd /dev/sr1 iso9660 ro,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=utf

I had tried "umount /media/richard/Debian 9.1.0 i386 1", but umount objected to the spaces in the file name.

Synaptic still returns

E: Type 'file:/home/richard/Desktop/testdvd' is not known on line 2 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list
E: The list of sources could not be read.
Go to the repository dialog to correct the problem.
E: _cache->open() failed, please report.

Is the problem that the dvd is automounted at boot?
Thank you

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