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Re: Is there a way to know the ISP with the default installation of Stretch?

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David Wright wrote:
> On Tue 02 Jan 2018 at 11:15:16 (-0500), Greg Wooledge wrote:
>> On Tue, Jan 02, 2018 at 04:03:46PM -0000, Dan Purgert wrote:
>> > Max Power wrote:
>> > > My problem is to know the ISP [e.g. GATEWAY = Vodafone, Telecom or AT&T]
>> > > before starting browsing or any remote connection...
>> > 
>> > Checking the hostname of an RFC1918 address will nearly never provide
>> > you with an ISP's name, even if you do it on a residential-gateway
>> > device provided by them.
>> I think the issue here is that he has some sort of unique setup in
>> which this name resolution actually DOES provide meaningful information,
>> much to the surprise of everyone else on the mailing list.
>> Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that this is atypical, so he doesn't
>> know enough to report it to us as part of his question.
>> Also unfortunately, we don't know what he's actually DOING with this
>> name resolution information, so we can't help him.
>> Most particularly, we don't know what the various ISP choices are that
>> he has, what the gateways of those ISPs are, what the name resolutions
>> of those gateways of those ISPs are, or what he wants to do in each of
>> the known, possible cases that he may encounter.
>> THAT is the kind of information we would need in order to help him.
> I can only assume that the OP [...]

That's the point :) that's all any of us can do. 

At the moment, he's already been told how to get "ip" to resolve
hostnames (in his other thread -- "ip -r route"), seems he didn't like
that answer; and made a new one.

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