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Re: Is there a way to know the ISP with the default installation of Stretch?

On Wednesday, January 03, 2018 07:54:06 AM Dan Purgert wrote:
> At the moment, he's already been told how to get "ip" to resolve
> hostnames (in his other thread -- "ip -r route"), seems he didn't like
> that answer; and made a new one.

I hope the OP is still "listening".  (And I'm not the OP.)

(Extraneous Aside: I think it is strange that "we" talk about the OP instead 
of talking to him.)

Anyway, to the OP (and all):

It seems to me (without knowing the OPs complete problem, and based on what 
I've read in this thread) that traceroute may provide a way forward:

   * Connect to (any of) your ISP(s).

   * traceroute somewhere (I'm not sure where atm--maybe some neutral party 
like google)

   * Parse the results of the ping to get the numeric address of your ISP

   * whois that numeric address

I think that would give you the ISP's name.

Presumably this could be scripted, though I'm not sure how easily--I'm not 
sure either:

   * how to (consistently via script) determine which response to the 
traceroute is from your ISP, although I would guess it is the first non-private 
(non-RFC1918) address

   * how to (consistently via script) determine the ISP from the whois

This almost works for me--the problem for me is that my ISP is Earthlink which 
uses / shares the Verizon network, so I find references to Verizon in the whois 
results, but not Earthlink.

PS: I tried to also send this to the OP (Max Power) (because I don't know if 
he is subscribed to the list) , but I'm not sure I have a valid email address.

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