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Re: got a new one

On Tue 19 Dec 2017 at 08:43:20 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:

> Greetings all;
> I just got a pdf emailed to me thats an invoice, and a puzzle. The 
> automatic linkage when I click on the pdf opens it in evince. It reads 
> perfectly on screen, but prints blank pages. Even with the colors 
> inverted.
> I then saved it, loaded it up into okular, and it printed perfectly.
> evince has printed 700+ page documents, several times, flawlessly.
> So to what/where do I send this one page pdf as a test pdf to be used to 
> fix evince?

Okular takes your PDF, converts it to PostScript and sends it to the
printing system. Evince converts your PDF to another PDF and sends that
to the printing system.

I think your first step would be to determine what the PDF which evince
sends to CUPS looks like. One way is to stop cupsd with

 cupsdisable <destination_print_queue>

and send the invoice from evince to be printed. Look in /var/spool/cups
for a file beginning with "d" and view it in a PDF viewer. Also use
pdfinfo and pdffonts to compare this PDF and the original one.

Use cupsenable to revert the first command.


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